We use science to understand and manage the danger of motorcycling.

We are not taking a side on an issue. We share information that is factual. The truth does not have sides.



NMI Fatality Reporting SystemThe new NMI Fatality Reporting System: This is an all new website designed to provide MotorcycLIST Fatality (Persons) and Fatal MotorcycLE Crash (Vehicle) data, statistics and analysis. Please share this link!


Highlighted NMI Documents:

Cover, Nobody Told Me That Motorcycles Are So Dangerous

Nobody Told Me That Motorcycles Are So Dangerous
A paper on understanding the danger of motorcycling in the USA


Picture of handing a list to someone.

NMI Punch List
Items for civil servants, government agencies, and the general public to consider when evaluating motorcycling and motorcyclists.


Picture of two people having a difficult discussion
RECOMMENDATIONS to the USA States for reducing Fatal Motorcycle Crashes: The Six NMI Talking Points


Child with magnifying glass behaving scientifically.

A Short Primer on Scientific Method
According to the scientific method, a theory must fulfill three criteria. First, its claims must be testable; second, its explanations must be difficult to vary; and finally, its test results must be truthfully reported.


Street Motorcycles being ridden in snow

Twopers and Flirters We suggest to leave the Twopers alone. Flirters need to be informed, accurately, about the dangers of riding motorcycles on public roadways and the great difficulty it is in attempting to mitigate the danger.


Motorcycle Driver Crash Image

The one fact you must know before you decide to operate a motorcycle on public roadways: In fatal motorcycle crashes, the motorcycle is almost always the striking vehicle. In 40% of the crashes the motorcycle was the ONLY vehicle. You should also become aware of Attention and Blindness concepts such as Inattentional Blindness before you choose to ride on motorcycles in traffic.


NMI Graduated Driver License (GDL) System

The National Motorcycle Institute (NMI) Training / Licensing System reduces motorcycle driver Fatalities. This is a basic Graduated Drivers License type of system, intended to be administered by civil servants. It is based on the permit-then-endorsement system previously used in the USA that separated training from endorsement testing. This two-step system is still used by most states for passenger vehicle driver licensing. The two-step Motorcycle Learner-Permit-Then-Endorsement System was well established, prior to the motorcycle industry’s Beginner-Training-License Waiver system that is now in use in many states. The NMI system emphasizes an “Opt-Out” feature to allow new motorcyclists a guilt-free way to discontinue training. Here is the detailed explanation of the flowchart: 6. Graduate through the stages of learning in a progressive manner.


Warning Sign, Participating in Motorcycling may lead to serious injury or death.  Enjoy Responsibly
To summarize the facts:
1. 38 times per person-mile more dangerous.
(27 times per vehicle-mile since cars carry more passengers.)
2. The motorcycle is almost always the striking vehicle.
3. The crash involved motorcycle rider-operator-driver typically has a motorcycle endorsement.


NMI considers traffic safety on public roadways as an integrated and mixed modal system.

We do not promote or discourage using motorcycles, we promote making informed choices.

Please share this information with any who are considering riding motorcycles on public streets.

Note that National Motorcycle Institute (NMI) is a Public Benefit Charity contrasted with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation which is a motorcycle industry sponsored organization.

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